Is there really an art to time management and getting more things done?


If you’re reading this, you probably feel like there are never enough hours in the day to get what you want to be done. I mean just by thinking about what you should be doing can almost burn you out (lol). Well, you know what? There are ways to be more productive and manage your time wisely join me while I show you how with these time management tips.


Time Management


1. Make a daily plan

Ideally, if you’re working on your business, project or other big ideas, a daily plan should be part of a bigger picture like monthly and quarterly goals. You would then break them down into daily, smaller plans so that they are easy to get through rather than being overwhelmed.

On the other hand making a simple to-do list for stuff you need to get done and ticked off makes it easier to remember and when you see it and makes it harder to put off.
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2. List your tasks in order of priority

Where possible put the thing you want to do least at the top. It’s probably the most important. Work down your list from there. Where possible do this first thing in the morning or as early in the day as possible.


3. Use a chart, calendar or planner

Right now I’m using a year planner. This is great if you’re like me and have so much going on in your head but you just need to get it all down in front of you. I also use weekly charts and charts for planning out my social media for my business. Oh, I also use a diary. Heck, I’m using everything that makes my life easier and you should too.


4. Block your tasks into time segments

Use the Pomodoro technique that helps you work with time instead of struggling against it. It works in 25 min segments doing a task none stop then you have a 5 min break. There are many apps that you can download right now to use this technique.


Time Management

5. Minimise or eliminate distractions

Flight mode on your phone, turning off notifications, putting a ‘do not disturb’ sign up or working somewhere that distractions can be limited will help you to be more productive. 


6. Stay focused on one task at a time

I was a sucker for doing more than one thing at a time then I realised I hardly got completed what I wanted. Time management can be even more effective, by combining the Pomodoro with doing one task at a time, getting the job done. Faster too.


7. Don’t procrastinate

I know easier said than done right? Again something I struggled with and even now it tries to torment me. So how do you overcome procrastination? First picture the benefits of the completed task, then just get started. Procrastination will kill your dreams and sabotage your plans. Don’t let this happen!


8. Wake up early

Try gradually waking up earlier than usual to spend more time on getting things done. If you have or want a side project you are working towards, while you have a full-time job this may be the only time you have to make those dreams a reality.


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9. Don’t take on more than you can handle

Sometimes you just need to say no. Period.

No. Really it’s OK if you can’t handle the load, don’t take it on.


10. Get help or delegate when needed

Is there anyone that can help you get stuff done? Family members of friends? Of course, depending on the work involved depends on the type of help required or the kind of people that can help. But it’s an option that’s not to be overlooked. Besides people who love and want the best for you are usually eager to help!


To take the pressure off your busy ‘to do’ life, begin implementing some of these time management tips today.


Pick 3 things you will begin to implement immediately + download your free Time Management checklist & Free Printable Poster below.


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10 Things That Will Drastically Improve Your Time Management
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      Yes, Vicki, easier said than done! Segmenting time is so powerful and allows you to do more in various areas. Thanks for stopping by and I’m glad you enjoyed the tips 🙂


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