Live a life you love – Does this sound far fetched?  Like a lie?  Or something that only happens to other people? Well I wouldn’t throw the idea out the window just yet because first of all you might hit someone in the face with it and second It might actually be possible to live a life significantly better than you are now, one you love.


I often watch and listen to people get caught up in their own misery complaining about this or that, and constantly talk about everything that’s wrong, all that went wrong & all that’s going to go wrong. They never take the action they talk about for a better way of life, but remain stuck in a cycle of constant complaining and negativity. As a counteraction in order to make them feel better and see things more positively I usually point out a positive point in the conversation we are having to make the point that in all this wrongness there is actually some good.


Yes we all have something to complain or moan about but when this becomes you daily ritual from the moment you crawl out of bed till you’re climbing back into it, we have a serious problem and you are obviously not going to get the opportunity to smell a life you love… let alone live it!


So if you don’t mind me (which you don’t because you are actually reading this) let me make some suggestions that WILL help you live a life you love, adore, cherish & are excited about most of the time (because let’s face it, everyone thinks their life sucks at some point or other) but still it’s worth it. Honestly.


Seemingly Obvious Step #1

Do what you love

Like I said it sounds obvious, but are you crossing off the items on your bucket list?

Erm… do you have a bucket list?

Just grab a plain ole’ piece of paper and begin writing down all the things you actually want to do. This could be the simplest things such as reading that book you have been putting off reading or actually starting the gym, taking the cruise or buying luxury items once in a while, really it is ok to do these things. That takes me to the point of DOING these things and not having a wish-list that stays a wish list for the rest of your life!

Here’s more on this: Goal Setting for People who Don’t Like Setting Goals


Seemingly Obvious Step #2

Do work you love

Why do most people settle for jobs they don’t like? We conform to the masses idea of go to school, college, university, get a job that pays good money climb the corporate ladder the BOOM! Unhappiness (and a job you despise) to make things worse if you don’t follow this path you automatically think you qualify for less than you deserve. This isn’t true and there are many examples of school dropout and seemingly ‘stupid’ people who are today the world’s most successful people, leaders & innovators. Take Steve Jobs for example (and please don’t tell me you don’t know who I’m talking about, shame on you).

Follow these 3 little known secrets to find and do work you love.


Seemingly Obvious Step #3

Be who you want to be

First what are your Happy Triggers? If you have no idea what I’m talking about, download the happy triggers guide Right here, right now. Answering this will allow you to find your authenticity so you CAN be who you really want to be instead of listening and trying to please other people, in other words conforming with the rest of the world (not a good thing).

Don’t be scared or fearful of what other people think. Step out, be bold & be brave.


Do you have any seemingly obvious steps I haven’t mentioned? Tell me about them in the comments below.


Live a Life You Love In 3 Seemingly Obvious Steps

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