This post is for you if you are seeking to live a better life. Even if you implement one of these things in your life today, It could make  a big difference.


Wake up

Ask questions about everything, do you really think the life you are living is the truth? Do you sense a hint that there maybe something wrong in the world? Maybe not for you right now, but take a look around and begin to look at what you didn’t see before.

Forget everything

Grow and learn what they didn’t teach you in school. Were you taught how to be happy? No they didn’t teach you that happiness is a choice, rather you were taught to obey authority, work hard, get a good job and you’ll do aright later on.


Contribute In the world by doing what you love

Using your values passion strength I show you exactly how to do it here.


Do what makes you happy

Spend time doing things you really want to do, never feel guilty for doing them and stop putting things off till a later date. Life is short and the only time you do have is right now.


Have faith and belief in a higher power

Having faith is great but what’s even better is action. Your actions strengthen your faith which in turn gives you more faith; God is ready to support you so why not take the first step.


Get over negative emotions like fear

It’s so easy to get caught up constantly living in fear. Mass media and everything happening around does not help the situation either. What you should realize is living in a state of constant fear may lead to dis-ease and manifestations you don’t want.


Self acceptance

Who are you? What are you about? Again we are never taught to love who we are but always to compare ourselves to someone else or how we are supposed to look and dress.

You are amazing just the way you are, you have qualities other people do not have. Find out what they are and begin to love and accept yourself.


Make peace with your inner world

Create time to relax let your body and mind have a break just relax! Play your favorite music, shut off from technology and be with yourself. Sometimes we need this the most.

Try meditating and letting go completely.


Make mistakes

Mistakes are going to happen but if you walk around on eggshells in safety or trying to avoid them you’re not making any progress. Mistakes or failures learn the lessons and move on.


Be more relaxed and humble

Things go wrong all the time and unless you’ve been living on another planet most of your life then you know this. Acceptance of  this fact from time to time will allow you to  let it pass, sometimes getting angry and reacting to a situation may be necessary (and natural) but when you are in this state most of the time you will be miserable.

In other words don’t sweat the small stuff.


Grow self esteem

You may hold negative beliefs about how you see yourself in the world, holding you back from you full potential. Low self esteem may be the reason you allow yourself to be abused and fall short on realizing who you are and what you can do. Begin to practice self care and get professional help. Life’s short and you can begin to make the most of it by seeking help you may need now so that you can heal and begin making progress.


Say NO!

Are you the kind of person that feels like you have to do everything for everyone? It’s time to start saying NO! Seriously I’m that kind of person but sometime you just got to say no otherwise you’ll burn out. If you don’t like to say no out right you could say something like “no, sorry, but it doesn’t fit in with what I’m doing right now” or… simply put NO!


See your self worth

I’ve told you before that you are amazing I hope you start to believe it by now too. Here’s the deal, there is no one on this planet quite like you. You have unique gifts and talents and it’s up to you to find out what they are and begin to use them.


Give to others

Yes giving is great whether it’s time, money, gifts, smiling, saying hello, it is all good and makes you feel good too. When giving do so because you want to not for selfish reasons in order to get something back but do it out of love because of the person you are.


Grow loving relationships

Stay connected to the people you care about these are the people that should get most of your attention. Don’t stay isolated in a world that already makes you feel that way. (Although sometimes needed) Get connected!


Play and have fun!

I mean come on. Does this even need mentioning? Unfortunately yes it does. Because we mature in age, does not mean we can’t still have fun 🙂


Give yourself to meaningful work or projects

Are you living your purpose, do you even have one? what work do you love to do? Use your Happy Triggers to find out how you can do the work you love to do.


Grow in awareness

Seek knowledge and most of all seek the truth, because the truth will always be the truth.

“Seek and ye shall find knock and it shall be opened uoto you” – Bible


The company you keep

You’ve probably heard this before the company you keep is so important especially if you want to make a positive change in your life. Even the closest people around you may be the ones who doubt you telling you that you will never be able to do things in your life. Begin talking to and spending more time around people that are successful and positive, emulate what they do and follow their steps.


Anything you would like to say? leave a comment below. Please share with your friends (after all sharing IS caring)!




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5 thoughts on “19 Extraordinary Ways You Can Live a Better Life. #12 Is Compulsory!

  • 01/05/2014 at

    Very good advice. Especially for someone seeking more peace of mind; which is the best place to start.

    • 02/05/2014 at

      Welcome Ken and Thanks 🙂

  • 15/05/2014 at

    Great post Diana!

    I also believe that acceptance and positive thinking are the keys to happiness. Everyone should focus on self development; it’s the only way to achieve true fulfillment.

    Thanks for your tips!


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