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How to Manifest Anything You Want in 24hrs Or Less


In this guide, the steps to my manifesting process are revealed! I hope you take this simple but valuable guide to getting your manifesting on!



STEP 1 – Choosing What You Want
STEP 2 – Visualizing What You Want
STEP 3 – Taking ACTION!
STEP 4 – Recognition and Appreciation



The results obtained as described in the title ‘How to Manifest Anything You Want in 24 Hours or Less’ are taken from my own REAL results achieved by following the steps described. As we are all individuals your own results may vary and so I can only give you steps that have work for me.



STEP 1- Choosing What You Want

When choosing what you want to manifest it is important to realize WHY you want that which you are asking for, your intention for when you receive it and choosing something that is believable for its attainment. There is no point saying you want a million dollars (in 24 hours) unless you truly believe you can attain it!


Questions to ask Yourself:                                   

  • Do I really want this?
  • Does it feel right?
  • How will l benefit from me having this?
  • Is it for greater good for myself and others?


If I get to a roadblock in my business and require a certain skill to move forward let’s say I want training for an advertising strategy  – I would be specific for what I need, knowing it is going to help me move forward as part of my service to others. So I would ask to receive the training I require to help me do this.

If I require a vacation with my family I would choose to receive Information on my next step for booking the holiday. This could be a brochure with a discount deal for the destination I want to go, that has come through the post the same day or following morning.

As you can see in the examples, what I want is for the greater good and I’m not directly seeking the end result, I only want the next step. This is achievable because I believe I can achieve the next step.


  • Remember you should know why you want something and set an intention when you ask for what you want.


  • Remember your WHY for receiving what you want – go back and to the ‘questions to ask yourself’ above


  • Remember to believe that you will receive what you ask for


“Whatsoever things ye desire when ye pray believe that ye receive them and ye shall have them”  ~ Bible Quote

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STEP 2 – Visualizing What You Want


Go somewhere quiet where you can focus and spend 1 minute. See the object, outcome of a situation or what it is you want in your minds eye. Picture it with all your being and energy. There is no need to feel any strain when doing this just let the picture of you desired ‘thing’ run through your thoughts, focusing on the object and outcome of receiving it.



See, smell, taste and touch your desired thing, depending on what it is…. In other words, make it as real as possible in your mind as though you have it already.


Put your feelings into it:


  • How do you feel now you have received what you asked for?
  • Who is around you when you have received it?
  • Are you happy?
  • Laughing?

Do not give any thought as to how your desired object or outcome will manifest and don’t try to see it coming to you through any particular person or means. Your focus should be on the end result of receiving the thing of your desire.

Know that you will receive it. Have faith!


Don’t give any energy to fear, worry or doubt as this will only reverse the process sending what you want in the opposite direction! (away from you).


“when you visualize you materialize” ~ Denis Waitley



STEP 3 – Taking ACTION!                                           


Carry on your daily routine as normal. There is no specific magical, far-fetched ‘mystical’ action you need to take.

Once you have completed Step 2, you are simply waiting for your desire to materialize. Again there is no need to take action in thinking that you need to do something odd or go out of your way to go some place make a particular phone call unless it feels natural to do at the time.

You will not know how you will receive what you have asked for. You are trusting in a higher power for this (God, Source, The Universe) whichever you prefer to call it.

So we are almost done…..

If you don’t receive your desired outcome within 24 hours or less go back through steps 1 & 2 this time also writing down what you want. Trusting it is on the way.


Reasons you may not manifest quickly:             


  • If you are doubting the process
  • If you do not believe you will get what you ask for (even if you doubt subconsciously)
  • Fear, worry, doubt and all negative thoughts may hinder your results.


(Not to worry…we will look at ways to accelerate your results later)


manifesting abundance



STEP 4 – Recognition and Appreciation

In my opinion, this step is very important.


When you receive what you ask for it may come as a surprise or on the other hand, you may even forget or disregard the fact that you asked for what you have received, don’t let this happen. Go back to the original thoughts you had when you visualized the outcome of your desire and make the connection.

Recognise and appreciate that thought, are things.

With the tangible result, you now have, you must appreciate the fact that not only have you attracted your desired outcome – but you have recognised the connection between the thought and the ‘thing’ – your outcome.

The more you can make this connection it will happen more often, so often you will realize that you are creating your circumstances and outcomes all the time!


By making this connection between thought and thing and being grateful for it instead of doubting this could happen, will strengthen your faith, which will secure more of these instances and greater results in the future.





For quicker results the key is GRATITUDEGRATITUDE & HAPPINESS.


Again no mystical requirements here!


Live in GRATITUDE & HAPPINESS and your life will be amazing, you will attract to you all your desires.

Be grateful for EVERYTHING and all circumstances.


Live in happiness and joy.


So there you have it! How to Manifest Anything You Want in 24 Hours (or less)!!

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  1. Martin Pringle · March 14, 2013

    Hi Diana,
    I really enjoyed this post, great stuff!!

    • Diana · March 14, 2013

      Happy you enjoyed it Martin!

  2. Liz Jones · March 14, 2013

    I’m working on the last step 🙂 normally I move back to taking actions vs being happy for what I accomplished!

    • Diana · March 14, 2013

      Hey Liz, I know your an action taker! but keep working on it.

  3. monica · March 14, 2013

    Hi Diana

    I am now practicing the law of attraction and the most amazing thing happened upon visiting your site. Earlier this morning i was reading a story where a lady was doing LOA excercises and manifested a white feather. So i was like I am gonig to try this for myself. I said..”Today, I am going to see a butterfly”. I started visualizing a butterfly and a few years ago, I used to use this butterfly as my avatar and its the exact same butterfly laying in the hands at the top of this web page! Unbelieveable! I saw a butterfly and it was the one i thought was so pretty a long time ago. I visualized it and believed I would see! Actually its been around 4 hours and I did my gratitude list this morning and honestly i had forgot about it and wala! Simply amazing!

    • Diana · March 14, 2013

      Wow Monica, this reminds when I was starting out and having ridiculously amazing results (I still do) Im gald you are having fun too. Whats even more amazing about this just before I read this comment I was thinking about how grateful I feel today and I should write my gratitude list something I haven’t done for a bit! What even more amazing not only did you see a butterfly look at the post title 🙂 keep up the manifesting!

  4. Sarah M · March 14, 2013

    Hi Diana, i have recently tried your technique and it doeant seem to have worked for me. I see no results. Also what i am trying to manifest seems like quite an impossibility, but possible on rare occasions. How can i get myself to believe in this technique and that it works so that i may acquire what i am trying to manifest?

    Thanks, Sarah M

    • Diana · March 14, 2013

      Hi Sarah, you mentioned that what you are trying to manifest is possible on rare occasions? what exactly did you do on those rare occasions and more importantly how did you FEEL? If you can go back over and over in your mind how it happened for YOU on those rare occasions that’s the key. That’s how it happened for me. Truth is we are manifesting all the time so try to notice the tiniest of the things then you will notice and manifest the bigger stuff! hope this helps

      • Sarah M · March 14, 2013

        Thank you, i will think back and remember as much as i can.
        Sarah M

  5. Candice · March 14, 2013

    This was a fabulous article! I am reading a lot about the LOA and the manifestation process. I am reading a lot of Abraham-Hicks material and I’m confused on one thing….
    When you are trying to manifest something, do you focus on your “big dream”, or do you focus on the small things one at a time you need to accomplish for the big dream to happen?
    For example, should I try to manifest a solution to one specific problem that is preventing me from moving forward right now, or just keep visualizing my big dream?
    I’m confused because the “big dream” is always changing as I learn more about what makes me happy. So I cannot always be specific.
    I know the universe likes us to be specific so perhaps I’m supposed to focus on manifesting the immediate things I need right now in order to move forward?
    It seems to be working for you and I’d love to hear your feedback! Thanks so much! 🙂

    • Diana · March 14, 2013

      Hi Candice, I’m happy you enjoyed the article 🙂 What a great question! You can do both… Have your end goal in mind and often, making it clear, yes your goals may change and thats ok too. For smaller stuff once you begin thinking about things you need to complete the next step on you mission they should appear. Example: I decided it was time I wrote a book, as soon as I made this decision information came poring in about how to write a book, i was bombarded!!!! so in order to manifest the smaller stuff – by knowing your ‘big dream’ should be easy to manifest the smaller things just keep taking steps and what you need will be apparent and appear. Hope this makes sense!

  6. TypicallyTracey · March 14, 2013

    Hi, Diana! I really love your intention with this article and it’s a great introduction to manifesting, especially for novices. 🙂

    I also think it’s lovely that you respond directly to those who post comments and questions! That shows a real sense of caring and community.

    I think that manifesting is extremely important. Not necessarily for getting whatever you want – although you certainly can, but for teaching people that they can take their own destiny in their hands. Personal empowerment is an extraordinary gift. We each have the ability to shape our own lives, regardless of external forces. Too many people allow the outside world to negatively impact their lives and sense of self.

    Articles like this demonstrate the ability of each of us to be the creators of our own story. Please continue to offer this kind of help.

    My only suggestion would be to take care in your grammar, spelling and layout. You have very important things to share, but mistakes in grammar can damage your credibility and negatively impact the value of your wonderful message.

    Thank you for sharing your story and tips for manifesting success. I thoroughly enjoyed it!!

  7. Ally · March 14, 2013

    Do you have any helpful tips for when fear gets in the way? How to diminish it?

  8. sil · March 14, 2013

    Hi diana

    I loved reading the techniques! Simply amazing!! Ive always wanted to start up a little business of my own and have proposed a business plan to many. By manifesting will this create opportunities for me? Whenever i start thinking about my store and how well its doing sub conciously my thoughts wander to how am i gonna get the funds to do it. Pls could you give me some pointers on how i should do this?

    Thank you heaps and god bless!!!

    Sil 🙂

    • Diana · March 14, 2013

      Hi Sil, Thank you. I am glad to hear you want to start your own business and you can absolutely manifest all the opportunities! My advice to you would be to take the next step whatever that may be for you, you may feel scared or nervous but keep going. Let me know how it works out 🙂

  9. Malik · March 14, 2013

    Hi Diana, I been researching as much info on manifesting for couple months and i ran into your article which was very simple and understandable. But when i started do research in manifestation, many others have said “Do not put a certain time for your desire to manifest because it will come when the time is right for you”. So what I am really asking you is that can you really manifest your desire in 24hrs or less if you wanted to or leave the time up to the universe?

    • Diana · March 14, 2013

      Hi Malik, Its true that you need not put a specific time on your desire and that it will manifest at the right time, although paradoxically you can put a time limit on you desires. For example in order for me to create this blog post in the first place I needed to test out the theory first because prior to writing this I was manifesting my desires in a day or less using the method outlined 🙂 you are manifesting all the time, the secret (which is not really a secret) is to identify the thought you had of a thing and the time of manifestation. (try it with easy things like a song or a person) Although this is tricky because we have so many other thoughts in between that it is probably the cause of our desires not being manifested or quickly enough. To overcome this you would have to have a thought of something that you truly desire Including the emotion, belief etc. Then never think about it again till you have it!

  10. Malik · March 14, 2013

    So for example, if my desire was to have the iPhone 6, then i don’t need to put a specific time to have it, but if i wanted to have ii 24hrs or less then it can manifest in a day or less. Is that what you saying?

    • Diana · March 14, 2013

      Yes… you don’t necessarily have to put a specific time on it, in fact its better if you don’t. Time is an illusion so therefor speed depends on you ability to plant the ‘seed’ (thought) then let it grow (manifest) which can happen very quickly i.e a day or less sometimes.

  11. Jackson Philips · March 14, 2013

    I really want to thank you. A few months ago, i went through your site and decided that I would manifest a regular source of income, without me having to go to work. I used to be working as an IT Manager, but it was getting too monotonous.
    After visualizing the dream for about 4 months, now I get $12000 per month and I don’t go to work anymore. I got a new car and a new house too.
    This thing absolutely works.. Yippieeee

    • Diana · March 14, 2013

      Congratulations Jackson I’m so pleased to hear of your success! Great work!

    • cassie · March 14, 2013

      What did you do? Please help me I am trying to do the same thing you did. What specific steps or techniques did you do?

  12. Akisha · March 14, 2013

    This helped me a lot thank you! I do feel like I have a lot of fear and worry over things and I am trying as best as I can to get rid of that. I love how you pointed out that we can just carry out our normal lives unless we get an urge to do something out of the ordinary. I hear countless self-improvement coaches saying take massive action and it really bothers me.

    My biggest struggle is manifesting things that are bigger to me in my mind like becoming best friends with celebrities or being a billionaire. I am still in the process of removing fear and doubt. I am starting to believe in it much more firmly now.

  13. Shayu · March 14, 2013

    This was a very cool article. Thank you!
    My Mantra is generally, try to manifest something small every day – like eating a favourite chocolate or getting a cab as soon as you get off work & that is how you build up confidence to manifest bigger things. This also helped me the resistance i had on the entire manifestation theory 🙂

    • Diana · March 14, 2013

      Hi Shayu, Thank you. That’s a great Mantra and is definitely the best way to develop your ‘manifesting confidence’ for bigger things!

  14. Homi · March 14, 2013

    Good stuff

  15. Tiago · March 14, 2013

    Thank you!

  16. katy · March 14

    does this stuff even work. like has anyone even manifested something

  17. Judy Johnson · March 14

    Thank you for the post. It was very helpful

    • Diana · March 14

      Thanks for reading the post Judy, glad it helped 🙂

      • kess · March 14

        Hello the guy im dating and i had a fight so i wrote down on paper he is going to call me and we are going to have lunch and try not worry you think it would work with relationships

        • Diana · March 14

          Hi Lakreesha, I would also ask God to reveal he is the right guy for you so he comes back if he is. Manifesting can work with relationships as with any situation.

  18. Winston · March 14

    Hi Diana its amazing I just did what u said in yr post today got back home I came across this, so I wrote it, down
    1) how do I feel I have received my desire $5,180,000.00.
    2) who is around. My Ross
    3) am I happy. Yes Rosa & I
    4) am I laughing . yes Rosa & I am laughing we believed & will received $5,180,000.00

    • Winston · March 14

      Hi Diana reducing my comment is like substraction to the thought form I sent out to the universe, the law of attraction is always working, its specifically what I did.

  19. Suma · March 14

    Hello dear. A very lovely post for law of attraction beginners like me. I have tried doing all the steps but can’t manifest my desire. I am highly overweight and want to become a slimmer version of mine as I was soon as I am facing several health issues due to it. I want to lose weight soon. Could you please help me out in this, I will be eternally grateful. Thanks

    • Diana · March 14

      Hi Suma, Thanks for visiting the blog. like with many other long term goals you will need a plan in place. you should have a weight loss plan, this goal setting workbook will help Then you can use visualisation techniques to help manifest your weight goals. Hope you will find it useful.

  20. JOSEPH · March 14


    • Diana · March 14

      Thank you!

  21. Daniel · March 14

    Thank you very much! I appreciate this. After my visualization I suddenly felt joy and happiness as well as gratitude! I can feel it working!

    • Diana · March 14

      That’s great!

  22. Madan · March 14

    Nice info. Thanks

    • Diana · March 14

      Thanks for reading 🙂

  23. Daniel · 27 Days Ago

    Hello there! This was a great and interesting article. I have one question though. Should I keep what I want in my mind all day or should I just forget about it until I get it? Because some people say to “detach” and “let go”.


    • Diana · 25 Days Ago

      Hi Daniel, Glad you liked the article! Yes, you will find manifesting works when you let go completely. Then it’s a real surprise when you get what you asked for.


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