I think you should realize that the purpose of life is to enjoy it, yes enjoy your life. I know, I know… your thinking to yourself but I’m just one car away from being happy and that big house I’ve always dreamed of is all I need then that’s it ill be OK honestly. Well you won’t. These thing will give you happiness for the moment then you will be looking for the next thing. But I guess If your reading this you have probably worked that out already.

To be significantly happier you need to find your purpose in life and that means instead of seeking external things you think will give you meaning, purpose and not forgetting happiness, you will have to find the truth that’s within you not outside yourself.


We are the purpose.

Purpose is not your job its what makes you feel alive something you do or create that makes a difference to others and their lives, more importantly that makes you feel like your making  difference.


4 steps that will help you find your purpose in life

1. discovering where you will make the greatest contribution with the least amount of effort – your passion

answer these questions:

What topic  do you love to talk about? Food, cars, events etc

What are you good at? A sport, writing, telling jokes, good with children perhaps.

What do others seek your advice about the most?

What are you doing when you lose track of time? Writing, talking, playing an instrument?

What gifts do you have to share with others? Giving advice, cooking?


2. find and use your strengths

From the least pick 5 strengths that identify your character:

Love of learning
Perspective (wisdom)
Social intelligence
Citizenship, teamwork loyalty,
self control
Appreciation of beauty/excellence


3. create a way to be paid doing what you love – combine your strengths with your passion

Using the examples above, is your passion writing and you love writing because you are creative when you write?

If you wrote a book, you could sell it and be paid for what you love to do.


Create a table like the one below and fill in the blanks

What unique gift (combined strengths and passion) do I have What can I offer to the world Who can benefit from this


4. set goals

This doesn’t have to be boring and if you know me you know I don’t like setting goals so I use this method here

Setting goals are so important just writing them down means you are more likely to reach them (scientifically proven). Have a vision in mind once you have completed the exercises, identify the first step this could be simply taking a course relevant for what you wish to do, or doing research about you idea. Keep taking those small step and soon you will be closer to your goal than you think!

keep doing what you love, live in the moment and identify and live by your values too.



How To Find Your Purpose In Life

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