“It takes courage to face our authentic self and make the commitment to protect and care for that authentic self.”


Lesson 1 – Core values



Values are important. Maybe you just don’t know how much.

They get you out of bed in the morning and determine your daily choices.

So when you are going against what your core values are because you don’t know what they are, you can feel frustrated and unhappy.  You can end up making life choices that don’t serve you, ones you will regret years later.

Are you doing things that are not in alignment with what you really want?


When you follow your values this will happen:

Make better decisions

Living with purpose

Prioritise how you live


When you don’t follow your values…this happens:

Frustrated by the things you do and the decision you make

Feeling forced



Lesson 2 – The Strengths finder



Strengths fact #1

Using your character strengths will increase your happiness and the happiness of those around you.


Strengths fact #2

Doing what you are naturally good at makes your work enjoyable and easier.


Strengths fact #3

You will have the confidence to do what you love even better, knowing you are good at something.


Your strengths are usually overlooked because it may be something that comes naturally to you and you don’t see it as a ’strength’ at all. It could be something you do all the time, still not aware it’s the key to finding out what you should be doing in your life or what areas to focus on more.

This is where the Strengths Finder comes in useful. Download the guide below.

Knowing your strengths allow you to know where the opportunities are. To recognise them and know you are a fit for the job.


Lesson 3 – The Passion Finder



Passion is an energy of excitement when you’re doing what you love.


What are the things that make you feel great?

What action or activity gives you genuine excitement?

Identifying your passions allows you to begin living your purpose because your purpose comes from the way you feel when you love what you do when related to work.


Are you excited to tell people what you do? If not, what would be something you could be doing right now that would awaken your excitement and passion?


Take the test now by downloading the guide and begin to discover that thing that makes you come alive!

Following your passion makes your work enjoyable in fact makes ‘work’ non-existent because you will be doing the thing you love.

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Now let us put it all together.


Lesson 4 – Find out what you are about!


By now you have got you top values, strengths and passions. Your Happy Triggers.

All you need to live on purpose!


Here are the questions, taken from the guide that will help you:

How can I combine your strengths and passions to solve other people problems AND be paid?

How can I develop my skills to make this happen?

What can you start doing now to begin moving towards your dreams?

Who else does this + how can I learn from them?

While this is only a quick guide, living your Happy Triggers will undoubtedly give you a more purposeful life. Leaders and successful people know this and take the time to get to know who they are and what their Happy Triggers are. It’s an ongoing process, why not start here?

Happy Triggers Guide

Learn How to Live on Purpose and Manifest Your Dreams with Happy Triggers!

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A Quick guide to Happy Triggers
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