I’ve learnt a few things about goal setting in the last few years, the short is that if you don’t have any, your life is aimless and lacking purpose, also if you are not strategic about your goals, life is painful and full of regret because it can feel like your not getting anywhere. On looking back we say to ourselves I should have done this or I should have done that.

Time is so precious especially as we get older. For obvious reasons. But for the most part putting things off for a later time is a waste.

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The year before last, I failed to set any goals, so much was happening in my life that I didn’t expect and everything I was working towards went on a backburner. My blog, my plans of helping others to achieve their goals, my plans to go out and do work in the community, weight goals, all my momentum stopped. I didn’t read any books to increase my personal growth and I wasn’t pushing forward any of my long term goals. I was at a standstill living every day trying to get through some personal stuff that had happened. My creativity diminished, I needed time to heal and get some restoration. Despite all this, I hadn’t set any life goals for that year hence I didn’t achieve anything much when it came to my career, business, personal growth or health because I didn’t plan and set goals.

The good new is that in previous years I have been using the goal setting method below and I have had good results. That’s what I want to share with you today.

Goal setting means the difference between living a life you orchestrate for yourself or living aimlessly.

Your goals are your dreams with action steps attached and timeframes for achieving them. So what does this look like? To tell you the truth there is no great way to set goals, it’s what works best for you, however, I’ll give you structure that has worked best for me.

1. Find your Happy Triggers

So you can be sure that the goals you set resonate with who you are, your values and what you need to gain success. Your Happy Triggers will give you a clear foundation going forward so you can achieve much more and faster too. They will allow you to measure your goals against what you want.

These are your:

  • Values
  • Strengths 
  • Passions


2. Dream Big

There are no limits at this point and besides you are allowed to dream and come up with a bunch of stuff you want to do in this lifetime. Think about what you want to achieve in these 7 areas:





Personal Growth



Here are some questions to prompt you:

What do you want to achieve?

Who do you want to help?

How do you wish to spend your spare time?

Where do you want to travel to?

Who/what kind of people do you want to spend your time with?

How much do you want to weigh?

How much money do you want to earn?


3. Making them SMART will also make them tangible!


S – Specific

They need be specific – Saying things like “I want a bit more money” or “I want to lose a bit of weight” won’t work.

How much money?

How much weight?


M – Measurable

Something like “I will spend an extra 20 minutes per day practicing my dance routine”

By (date) I will (goal)


A – Achievable

Aiming to run a marathon in 2 weeks without prior training will probably not be a good Idea, however to start a training programme will be better.


R – Realistic

Don’t try to become an overnight Rock-star but do focus smaller steps that will lead you in the right direction.


T – Timely

Setting dates to get things works well. It is making a commitment to yourself. It also feels great to accomplish a goal when you said you were going to do it. It allows you to see the bigger picture for when things will be accomplished.

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5. Review your goal setting and write a vision statement


Example’s of vision statements:


“Our [Amazon’s] vision is to be earth’s most customer-centric company; to build a place where people can come to find and discover anything they might want to buy online.” (Quoted from Amazon.com)


Or shorter:

“To Inspire people to be healthy”

“To help people enjoy life”


“To be a great success in all I do.”


Get creative so that it will also give you the motivation to want to achieve it.


Then finally write an affirmation – a statement written in the present tense:

I am so happy now that ….. [your goal as achieved]


5. Take action NOW

Pick one goal and list 3 things you will do now to start on that goal.

For example, if your goal is in the area of health, 3 things you might start to do might be to:

  1. Find a gym
  2. Research a nutrition plan
  3. Hire a personal trainer

Cross them off once you have done this and keep moving forward.

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Goal Setting for People Who Don’t Like Goal Setting!
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