The world we live in is an illusion, one we never question because we are not meant to. It’s a system that’s in place a system that controls you and makes your decisions for you. From the food you eat, clothes you wear, we can even go as far as to say it controls the way you think. You cannot see this illusion but it’s there you can probably feel it by sensing something really wrong in the world – tension, stress a heaviness around, a feeling of uncertainty.



“Fantasy is what you get reality is what you really need” ~ Lauren Hill

This system is also your belief system.

Think about it.

First your education system – school, college, university. Then enter the rat race your 9-5 job you hate after doing it for 40 or so years realizing this is not what you really wanted to do. Of course it was the ‘norm’. Now you have probably wasted a few years trying to climb the corporate ladder for more pay and more incentives so you can ‘enjoy’ your few weeks holiday each year or retirement.

**there’s nothing wrong with a job if it’s something you are passionate about**


What happened to all those years in between you could have been enjoying something? Instead you kept putting your dreams on pause while you tried to fit in waiting until that someday it would all magically happen like an excited magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat. That day won’t come. I promise you.

Unless of course you do something now.


The truth whether you like it or not is this:

  • Your beliefs are created by other people
  • If you are not in control of your life, someone else is
  • You are doing things AND you don’t even know why, in fact you don’t want to do them, you just don’t know how NOT to.



I urge you to climb outside the box, free your mind, create some courage & start believing that your life actually starts now, by finding purpose first.


ON FINDING PURPOSE or whatever you want to call it (+ WHY)

OK. So you don’t want to call it your ‘purpose’ it could be your career path, passion, your ‘thing’, life path, life work, your Happy Triggers or anything else. All these things are what you should be doing to add something to your life + someone else’s.


  • Fulfillment
  • Peace of mind
  • Passion
  • Meaning
  • Excitement
  • A reason WHY

However you want to relate to your purpose finding it is important, let’s start here:




This exercise will allow you create a life that’s full of purpose, actually doing things you really love.


1. From this list identify 10-15 values that you feel fit who you are (yes they can be values that will help you to live they way you really want to) now, have a good think about it and get your list down to 5. Do this by using the smaller list of 10-15 words you can do this by comparing two values side by side and picking one you are compelled by the most.

*Note feel free to add your own.


values list snip


2. Now you have your list of 5 create a statement that shows how you will ‘live out’ each value.



My value is freedom

What it means to me: Freedom = working on my own terms, taking holidays, seeking knowledge, doing what I love without restrictions (like money), time freedom.

Now make a statement:

“I do work that I love and create an income that allows me to live without restrictions, giving me the time freedom I deserve so I can take regular holidays.” POW!


**Note: As you read your statement you should feel the power of the statement within your body (in other words you should feel excited)


3. Do this process for each value so that you create a blueprint then work on it step by step. Do this and you will be creating life as you want it instead of accepting a mediocre life on autopilot.



When you identify and use your strengths life becomes easier, your work is easier and can be more enjoyable too. Your strengths are within your character and something that usually comes naturally or maybe something you do often, but may not have necessarily been identified as a strength.


Why strengths?

You must identify and use your strengths to ‘promote’ your authenticity, choose the right career path and make great decisions based on what is right for you.


Here are some strengths taken from the Happy Triggers Guide based on the gaining and use of knowledge:


Creativity You think of new and productive ways to create and do things.
Curiosity Exploring and discovery open to new experiences, interest in the world.
Open-mindedness Like to think things through, weighing up all options, you don’t jump to conclusions.
Love of learning Learning new skills and knowledge, you love being an expert, in a position where your knowledge is valued by others.
Perspective (wisdom) Being able to give good advice to others, having a way of looking at the world that makes sense to yourself and others


Do any of these apply to you?



Part 3 – PASSION


What are you passionate about?

If you are a little bit (or a lot) unsure, answer these questions to find out:

1. What could you talk about with others all day long?

2. What are you doing when you feel happy and relaxed?

3. When do you get excited?

There are many more questions like these of course in the guide.

Your values, strengths & passions are how you identify your purpose.


WHY MY PURPOSE? (thing, career, life path, etc)

Every living thing on the plan has a purpose. Right? So why not you? As the most developed species on the planet right now, surely you were created for a purpose too.

When you do find it, you will be guided in doing things that will make your existence justified and worth it!






“Anything is possible if you just believe”


People often say that anything is possible. I am one of those people that believe this and will tell you the same thing.

In order to achieve anything you must first believe you can. So now let’s take a look at how to develop your belief system.

This can be developed manually through repetition, but first you will need to know your goals.


What is your goal?

  • Write it out clearly the clearer the better
  • Include different areas of your life – relationships, money, health, business etc.
  • Write this out in the present tense

Here is an example:

“I am now (inset your age 3 years from now)

my net worth is ($£ amount)”

also include where are you in life.

What are you doing?


    • Read this aloud daily
    • Create a vision board if you like
    • Spend at least 15 minutes a day focusing on your goals using your imagination to help visualize ‘a day in the life’ of you living the reality of your goals. To learn more about this you can read The New Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz.


By following this process you will most certainly begin believing in your dreams, that they are possible, you will see the un-foldment (if that’s even a word) before your eyes!

However for anything to happen there needs to be ACTION! Nothing happens without you taking some kind of action and steps towards getting to where you want to be!



On waking up out of the dream world that doesn’t give you much options, you will realize there is much more to life, more to you and more you can do for yourself and others. Finding your purpose gives you ‘a life’ a direction and a way to fulfil your calling while making a difference in the world. You will be able to live on your own terms and when you don’t like something you will know it can be changed

Anything IS possible.

How badly do you want it?


Join me on the journey.


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A Proven Way To Finding Purpose + Living a Life That’s Possible

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