The Personal Freedom Project Is About....


Helping you find of a life of meaning and purpose – your why for living, sharing your gifts and talents, using your strengths and doing what you are passionate about.

Getting you to question your existence, why you do what you do.

Helping you to find fulfillment with your work  – to use your strengths and be your best Helping you feel that you are contributing to something bigger than yourself…..Making the world a better and happier place.

By using your Happy Triggers to help you - be you!

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I am the founder of The Personal Freedom Project and the creator of Happy Triggers. After a realization that we all have a purpose, I set out to help people find theirs too. I started this blog and have written for various other publications around the web.

By Identifying your Happy Triggers – which are your Values, Strengths (gifts + talents) and Passions brought to the forefront of everything you do, will give you a more fulfilling life of meaning.

Our future courses will allow you to:

  • Help you realise there is more to life than getting a good job
  • Help you realise your potential
  • Help find and live your purpose
  • Help  identify your gifts
  • Recognise opportunities to use your gifts to make a difference in the world.

I have looked into the question of why we exist, Happy Triggers lets you question your existence and find a life of meaning so you can do more.

My approach to finding your purpose is effective and will work for you too. Get the Happy Triggers Guide to help you.

Join me on the journey. x

Join Me.