If you dread Mondays and lack motivation for the week ahead then this is for you.

While research shows that our moods significantly increase on Fridays, come Sunday evening, those gloomy feelings come back making you feel like you just want to shut down. This applies to employees and students who feel forced to return to their place of work or study because they have to. This can impact your whole week until the countdown for the weekend. In my opinion, that’s ‘unhealthy’.

Each day should be a blessing to look forward to no matter what and sometimes a change of perspective can do just that.

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However, today I want to leave you with 10 easy ways to have a more blissful week, igniting some fun and a few changes to help your week to be a little more on the inspiring side.


Here are 10 surefire ways to have a more energized, productive + inspired week.

10 Easy Ways To Have a More blissful Week!


1. Identify the problem? (Why do you feel stressed)

OK, whats up? What’s the deal? Is it your job?

Before we go any further we are going to figure this out. I want you to write down what’s bugging you every Sunday evening when you know you have to go to work or to do your studies.

Now write next to it how you decide to solve this problem. If your problem is people at your place of work perhaps you could talk to them. If you want to leave your job altogether, why not start looking for a new one. Sometimes things are easier said than done, but the point I am trying to make is finding out a solution. You could even feel better if you remind yourself of why you do what you do. What is that reason?


2. Prepare + Plan – Make a to-do list and follow through

Make a to-do list for the things you need to do each day and check them off once completed. Sounds easy enough but are you doing it. Start today, begin making productive tracks, feeling accomplished, knowing you really are getting stuff completed.


3. Put on your favourite playlist

Ignite your mornings with your favourite song tracks. This will definitely lift your mood. Music gives life. Maybe you want to try out some tranquil music, but not too boring or it might just send you right back to sleep!


4. Maybe you’d prefer silence

I like silence in the mornings sometimes – hard when you’ve got kids 🙂 I often remind my children of my preference of quiet mornings. Does it work….No. But It’s worth a try. If you do have the opportunity of quiet mornings maybe you could use the moment as prayer or meditation time.


5. Main things you must accomplish this week

Name 3-5 of your biggest goals and add them to the top of your to-do list – get them done!

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6. Relax on Sunday

Why not chill out to an early movie with your family or saddle up and catch up on your favourite episodes; after you’ve planned your week ahead, that is. Oh and prepared your clothes for the next day. There’s nothing worse than a hectic Sunday with a late night, then having to wake up early the next day. That will most definitely ruin the week. Rest on Sunday is key.


7. Prep your clothes

This means one less thing to do in the morning, saving time and being organised! Well done you! Why not go one step further and prep other things like your breakfast or lunch. 


8. Midweek fun

Do the unthinkable. Have some mid-week fun. Why wait till the weekend? Go to a movie, shopping spree or maybe a lunch or dinner with family or friends. Maybe try something more adventurous, see how that goes…


9. Empower yourself with inspiration

Read uplifting and inspiring content. What type of content do you read + watch on your social media feeds, maybe it’s time to do an audit and delete or unfollow pages and accounts with content that doesn’t inspire you.

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10. Weekly Wishes

One of my favourite things to do.

Write down 3-5 things you wish to happen by the end of the week. Some of the things you wish for could be something you have to do or take action on, to get a result, otherwise, it could be totally a wish that you have no idea how it could be possible. As you set an intention watch and see what happens! Trust me on this and do it on a weekly basis.


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Here’s what to do now:

Ensure you have downloaded your Blissful week one-page planner (various colours available)

Sign up to Secret Sundays ‘Inspiration for the week ahead’

Finally – Check out the Infographic below and share it. Thank you in advance!

 10 Easy Ways To Have a Blissful Week





10 Easy Ways To Have A More Blissful Week

6 thoughts on “10 Easy Ways To Have A More Blissful Week

  • 22/05/2017 at

    Thanks for sharing and great infographic! My new motto for getting through tasks, weekdays, work, meetings or anything that appears to be a hump to me, is JUST DO IT! I believe most people tend to overthink things when they can spend all that thinking time just doing. In most cases, doing takes less time than thinking.

    • 22/05/2017 at

      Thank you Sandra! It’s very true, ‘doing it’ is certainly better that procrastinating about the whole thing! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  • 22/05/2017 at

    Awesome post! I am going to start a weekly top three, that way I have something to be motivated toward and won’t feel so down about the things I can’t change right now.

    • 22/05/2017 at

      Thanks Deena. Yes start with a top 3. It’s easier to accomplish a smaller list of tasks that will motivate you to do more!

    • 22/05/2017 at

      Thanks Alexandra, Glad they were useful!


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