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Happy Triggers will  allow you to find purpose, be happier and do more in making the world a better place, by helping you find you gifts so you can do what you love.

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  • Learn How to Start Living with Purpose Today

    Discover your purpose and contribute to something bigger than yourself.  Your Happy Triggers will put you on the right path.

  • How to Find and Do Work You Love

    Its not enough to just exists, why are you here?  What gifts and talents do you have that will help others and make you happy too?

  • Be Authentic and True to Yourself

    Live passionately – Be true to yourself and do the things you always wanted to do. Discover what that is and live it!

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"Hi I'm Diana here to help you find a life of purpose, your why for living, sharing your gifts and talents and doing what you are passionate about. I want you show you how to do more than just exist. Come and join me on an amazing journey...." Oh and Don't forget your Happy Triggers Guide!

Diana Reid
Diana Reid Creator - The Personal Freedom Project